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"My experience with Kristina was an epiphany for me!" - JG - Boulder, CO

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Kristina Sophia

We, like the whole universe, are made of music!

Available for ceremonies and special occasions.

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As a non-singer, I came to Kristina’s four-session class hoping for some fun, a little challenge, and perhaps a boost to my creaky aging voice. I got all that and transformation: Kristina enabled me to find my own singing voice! I didn’t know I had one! Her competent, loving approach made me feel free to let go and try whatever she suggested. 
With love and appreciation,
Carolyn Allen Zeiger, Ph.D.
Kristina Sophia has a voice channeled straight from the divine. As a facilitator she uses this to empower her students to explore with curiosity and tenderness to find the authentic voice that lives within all of us. I would highly recommend her classes to anyone, regardless of their singing experience. She is delightful.
Jeannie Brisson
Doctorate of Naturopathic Medicine, ND
What a wonderful class! I felt so safe and supported and encouraged to sing in alignment with my natural being. Kristina Sophia was the heart of the group and made it easy for us to bond and relax and happily express ourselves in song. Awesome experience!
-- Julia Steiner, Boulder, CO

Kristina is very special. Her class is not only about singing technique, it is connecting our voices to our spirits and drawing deep emotions (especially joy) from our depths, learning to hold our space and voice, without judgment. Again, her class is very healing and joyful experience.
-- Barbara, Boulder, CO.