The Transformational Power of Voice


Singing is one of the easiest ways to bring us back into wholeness, it empowers us to be who we came here to be.  Remember how good it feels to sing with your whole heart? Rudolf Steiner and Edgar Cayce both said sound is the medicine of the future. And what Kristina says is the future is here now. There are many aspects of voice that can heal and restore body mind and soul. In this workshop we will learn specific  techniques that:

create a fuller more resonate voice
restore stability to our system
reduce anxiety
energize and enliven our body, mind and spirit
elevate our spiritual and emotional state
connect us with divine.guidance
heal our emotional and physical bodies
help heal the world around us

Join Kristina Sophia as she guides us to re-connect with the transformational power of our own voice.

Past participants say:

"My experience with Kristina was an epiphany for me." J.G. Boulder, CO

"I felt a release of my voice and a healing of my body" B.C.  Joshua Tree, CA

"Thank you so much!  This was wonderful, freeing and inspiring!"   L.H. SF, CA